Our Covenant

Pentecost 2014

Dearest in Christ,

When God says something, we believe it.

When God said people were made in God’s image and they were very good – we believe it. When God promised Noah never to flood the earth again, and that God would be reminded by rainbows – we believe it. When God promised to make childless Abraham and his ancestors a great people – we believe it. When God said the carpenter’s son Jesus of Nazareth was His son and we should listen to him – we believe it.

We believe what God says because God’s word is faithful. God’s word is true. Everything we know – from scripture, from our shared reason, from our church traditions, from our own experience – reaffirms the fact that God’s word is trustworthy.

God’s Word Is.

   But what about when we as members of Parkview UMC say something – what about our word? Do others believe it? Do we believe it?

Starting in January 2014, members of Parkview’s Administrative Board, with the help of a conference-appointed Congregational Coach, prayerfully began working on something we believe we all can stand on as our shared word with God, with our neighbor, and with each other. We developed what we are calling Parkview UMC’s Intentional, Unconditional Covenant.

God’s words are intentional, meaning they are for a purpose.  God’s words are unconditional, meaning it relies on nothing or no one other than God. God’s words are covenantal, meaning what God says binds Him into relationships with the world. Our hope is that through the following intentional, unconditional covenant, we at Parkview UMC can all grow into a life that more closely models God’s faithfulness:

As we are marked by our need for forgiveness, we at Parkview United Methodist Church commit to living into the following covenant:

  • I will remember that God loves both you and me and there’s nothing we can do about it.
  • I will welcome all into God’s House with love, a smile, and acceptance.
  • I will grow in grace by living a life that does no harm, does good, and stays in love with God.
  • I will work toward consensus in disagreement; healing after pain.
  • I will live my life in thanks to God at all times.

This is my covenant—my promise before God and my neighbor.